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Bordeaux and family agency for 60 years

In the early 1950s, Messrs. Christian and André LANDELLE created the CA LANDELLE Establishment in Bordeaux, with already a common thread, "the export" of agro-food products  to the Maghreb and Indochina.

Since then, Messrs. Patrick and Denis LANDELLE continued this activity by establishing lasting relationships in more than 50 destinations.

Indeed, over the years, the company that has become SOFRADIS has continued its development growth both in the establishment of national and international brands, the distribution of consumer products in the food and wine sectors. and spirits.

Today, Sofradis has reached its 4th generation.

The family business is now run by the 4th generation.


Our Company is located in the Bordeaux region. We have earned our reputation through the relationships we have developed with our customers and suppliers over the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the best products, and we do everything we can to satisfy them. Contact us for more information.


Belle nature


SOFRADIS maintains lasting relationships with its African customers from Bordeaux. The company works with both Modern Distribution and Wholesale markets, through local importers, whether on domestic or duty-free markets.



Markets similar to mainland France, the SOFRADIS team works with the various retail chains via its local importer/distributor partners. The company is also present on the CHR, wine merchants and delicatessen networks. 



Due to the seniority of SOFRADIS, the export team is also attentive to requests that may come from other markets.

SOFRADIS seeks solutions in consultation with its suppliers in order to satisfy its customers.

SOFRADIS, an ideal partner 

Around 15 days a month, the SOFRADIS sales team goes out to meet the markets in order to provide suppliers with quality information and develop high added value for the ranges and brands included in the commercial agreements.


DLC adapted for export

Our team makes sure with suppliers that the DLCs of the products we sell are adapted to the targeted markets which have significant lead times.


We also manage disputes related to these DLCs so that customers are always satisfied.

Amitié Homme-Robot


SOFRADIS searches for you the products which will be the sure values of your future supplies.


We inform you in real time and publish a quarterly Newsletter 

Saison des soldes


We ask our suppliers for as many promotional tools as possible in order to help our customers set up product ranges at their destination. This involves, for example, creating promotional schedules for the semester. 



Our customers model themselves on Metropolitan France to organize their distribution.


We make sure to provide them with consistent prices in order to allow them an easier settlement at their destination.

Documents comptables


Our customers send us in real time the latest regulatory aspects of exporting to their markets: customs, taxes, documentary bundle, local production, etc.


Our suppliers are therefore guaranteed not to make strategic errors.


4 rue Jean Cocteau, 33150 Cenon, France

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